About Master Lock

Master Lock Advantage

  • Master Lock is the world's largest manufacturer of padlocks and related security products.
  • Master Lock focuses on innovation; new products represent 20% of sales each year.
  • Ranked #1 by consumers globally as the best padlock brand.
  • Master Lock padlocks offer a full lifetime guarantee.

Company Profile

Master Lock was established in 1921 by Harry Soref. Ninety years later Master Lock has earned and maintained the trust of customers by delivering strength and quality while continually setting new standards for lock design, application and performance.

Master Lock continues to build on its founder's passion for innovation, quality, and compelling value, continually expanding their range of security solutions.

Master Lock History

  1. 1921 Harry Soref

    Locksmith Harry Soref founds Master Lock in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

  2. 1924 Charles E Mayo

    Harry Soref patents the world's first laminated padlock. The design is based on laminated steel bank vault doors.
    Charles E Mayo meets Harry on the way to the patent office. Mayo Hardware becomes the Australian Master Lock distributer.

  3. 1925 Harry Houdini

    Unable to escape from a pair of handcuffs, Harry Houdini visited Soref. Soref advised Houdini on places to hide keys during stage shows.

  4. 1928 Prohibition

    During Prohibition, Master Lock ships 150,000 locks to federal agents. These locks were used to lock down businesses selling alcohol illegally.

  5. 1931 American Association of Master Locksmiths

    Harry Soref received the only gold medal ever given by the American Association of Master Locksmiths for the greatest development in locks over the past 50 years.

  6. 1935 1500D

    Keeping with their focus on innovation, Master Lock introduced its first combination lock, the 1500D.

  7. 1961-71 Cable locks First gun lock

    Another decade of innovation Master Lock designs and manufactures cables, and the first gun lock.

  8. 1973 Innovative locks

    Innovation continues in padlocks and focuses on safety lock out tag out padlocks, expanding on cables, laminated and brass padlocks.

  9. 1974 Tough Under Fire

    Master Lock aired its famous shot lock Super Bowl Commercial which gave them the tagline "Tough Under Fire".

  10. 1981 175

    Master Lock introduces its first resettable combination lock, 175.

  11. 1998 Automotive Series and Vehicle Security

    Master Lock introduced an Automotive Series and Vehicle Security Product Line.

  12. 2000-6 Python cable lock

    Master Lock designed and patented the first fully adjustable cable lock — Python and also launches towing security.

  13. 2002-7 Key safes

    Master Lock is the first padlock brand to design and develop a range of key safes.

  14. 2004 TSA locks

    Master Lock introduced its first TSA approved travel lock. A new TSA approved sku was introduced every year until 2010.

  15. 2007 Excell and Magnum

    Master Lock revolutionised high security padlocks with the Excell and Magnum ranges.

  16. 2009 First movement lock

    Master Lock introduced the World's first combination lock that opens in left/right/up/down movements, and the World's first set-your-own combination lock using letter and numbers.

  17. 2012 President Obama

    President Obama visits Milwaukee to praise Master Lock for American Manufacturing and the importance of insourcing jobs.